Thursday, 12 May 2016

Final Journey

I'm on my way home now, but just before I left CNP, I had the chance of a flight round Liverpool Land in a private charter King Air areoplane. A couple of Tangent clients had booked a week of sight seeing on skidoos and a visit to the village. The day of our flight out, Paul had arranged a 1 hour private flight for them. They were happy for myself and Paul to join them as 'tour guides' to point out place of interest during the flight.

We went across to the east coast and did a sort of figure of 8 trip up to the north and back to CNP. Weather was beautiful and views spectacular. It was nice to see many of the places I have been to over the years from the air.

It was a quick turn around.  On the plane for an hour, back off again and then back on 10mins later to fly to Iceland.

Here's a few of the pictures.

Boarding with Gavan & Jane
Are your seat belts fastened?
Nokedal showing large amounts of melt. I camped up on the glacier for 2 weeks in 2010
The highest mountain in Liverpool Land - 1400mts, which I climbed in 2010
Age Nilson Glacier, which I descended on the N -S Liverpool Land Traverse in 2008
Bering Pedersons Glacier. We skidooed up this on the Iceman route this year, entering from a glacier on the right by the black buttress
Ice bergs on the East Coast
Constable Point Airport (CNP)
Voolkort Boons Kyst with Scorsbysund on the right. This is the coast we see every day, 80kms away, as we look down Hurry Fjord

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