Monday, 25 April 2016


The ski race finished last week with Paul's team retiring due to blisters for both Lizzy and Debs. Paul carried on with another team. After two days of bad weather they skied to the east coast along a valley called Kalkdal.
Teams setting off on the 2nd leg
I was leading the skidoo safety team and we camped with them in Kalkdal. After the 2nd day many people had blisters, but some were really bad. As the safety man, I was quite concerned that they should not continue, as the 3rd day was the hardest - over two glacier cols and down to sea level each time. Rescue would be difficult from the glacier by skidoo and it would stretch our team. I was most grateful to Beth, who is a doctor and helped Lizzy and Debs come to the correct decision.

Negotiating the gully into Kalkdal
We had to get them back to CNP the next day so I split the 'doo drivers into two pairs, two to safety the glacier section and two for the evacuation. The last day was scrapped due to the back weather before, so we had to transport everyone from the end of the glacier day back to CNP.

Finish line on 2nd leg

Setting off on the glacier day

Matt photographing the event in the glacier day

1st col on the glacier, before back down to sea level

Last descent to the finish
One team ran out of time and we had to do multiple shuttle runs to get them off the glacier. It was a day of contrasts. Waiting about to watch the racers though key sections and then really busy getting everyone back to CNP. It was a late evening!


  1. Brillaint stuff, Phil. Looks like you did a great job and we're looking forward to hearing more when you get back to the Lakes.
    Take care and see you soon.
    Phil Eccles

  2. looks great Phil and I'm very envious - what's all this about bad weather? It looks sensational!! :-) Cheers Jonathan